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  • Distinctions and Matrix

    Building Matrix has a speed limit

    Expanding your kindness and generosity are side effects of expanding your consciousness. Consciousness is not in your mind. Consciousness is in your being. If consciousness existed in a person’s mind then we could simply explain the consequences of the corporate strategy of externalizing costs and people would instantly stop working or investing in any corporation forever. We could explain the horrors of overpopulation and Indian and African villagers would instantly and forever stop having more than two children. But it does not work that way. Adding information to the mind is not enough to create change. Expanded consciousness is required.
    Consciousness expands at a certain speed limit. It can only increase as fast as you can build the energetic matrix to support it, and building matrix takes time. It’s like building good soil. Without good soil, plants won’t grow. If you start out with rocks, sand or clay, building good soil requires consistent hard work over a long period of time. Pull out the stones, break up chunks of clay, mix in compost, balance the acidity.
    Similar time and effort is required to build the energetic matrix upon which consciousness can grow.
    Just as a good strong trellis supports a vibrantly healthy climbing rosebush, so too a good strong energetic matrix supports a vibrantly healthy growing consciousness.
    Diligently practicing the exercises in this book, even if they seem embarrassing or confusing at first, is a proven approach for building matrix.

    Practice and Constructive Stresses

    Matrix can also be built through persistently engaging other constructive stresses, such as:

    • Living in foreign cultures, eating unfamiliar foods, communicating in foreign languages, adapting to different customs, etc.
    • Being in the company of saints.
    • Building a consistent practice involving skills or lifestyle choices such as physical exercise, vegetarianism, study, meditation, martial arts, singing, music, etc.
    • Exposing yourself to radiations from sacred artifacts, holy tombs and sanctuaries.
    • Having integrity, which means doing what you say you will do (e.g., spending time with the kids, being on time to appointments, paying the bills on time, taking out the garbage).
    • Giving improvised public talks with feedback and coaching from the audience.
    • Being radically honest.
    • Fasting for one to three days.
    • Making a fierce commitment to complete a worthy project.
    • Observing periods of silence.
    • Staying alert to the responsible or irresponsible purposes of your interpretations about what is happening.
    • Cleaning your house of extraneous material possessions.
    • Asking for, and listening undefendedly to, feedback from your enemies.
    • Changing small habits of behavior (e.g., putting your jacket on starting with the opposite sleeve from usual, clasping your hands with the other thumb on top, not scratching a particular small itch, ordering food you would not normally order at the restaurant, being of service to strangers).
    • Working in faster or slower rhythms than are usual for you (e.g., taking twice as long to set the table or make the bed, chewing twice as fast as normal).
    • Going to the edge of your comfort zone and staying there by implementing new behaviors while acting as if they are normal (e.g., behaving as if you are from a foreign land, acting as if you are handicapped, being innocently unknowledgeable about common things, being delighted by the ordinary, having a sense of the miraculous in everyday life).

    Building matrix through any of these various behaviors amplifies the effect of reading this book. An additional way of building matrix is the daily use of Tonic Gold, a true alchemical elixir: three drops on the tongue first thing in the morning.